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Brumaba operating table

Brumaba multifunctional, mobile surgical tables are a time-tested German quality. The individual capabilities of Brumaba tables and a wide selection of accessories allow doctors to get maximum access to the operating field and at the same time be in a comfortable position.

For maximum time savings, all operating tables are equipped with a "memory" function. This feature allows you to program eight different positions of the table and at the right time to quickly make the transition between the various stages of the operation.

The surface of Brumaba tables consists of four sections, regulating which the doctor can achieve equal breathing and relaxed muscles of the patient's body, and hence stable blood circulation. This condition reduces the risk of complications during surgery.

Surgical mattresses on the table surface are made of special fabrics that allow for their complete antiseptic treatment. Therefore, operating tables and chairs are always in a condition that meets international standards for disinfection and sterilization.

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