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Anesthesia machine

Our clinic is equipped with the most modern anesthesia machine Penlon Prima 320 made in Great Britain. It is a powerful anesthesia system with all the necessary regimens for short-term and long-term sleep treatment for both adult patients and children.

The Prima 320 device meets the highest world standards of patient safety, as it is equipped with a system for monitoring the condition of the body. The exact technical characteristics of the device, its detailed design features and modern electronics in combination with a highly qualified anesthesiology team will provide the most comfortable and safe treatment conditions for you and your children in the medical sleep or anesthesia. With the help of the "gold standard" of inhalation anesthesia "Sevorane" treatment, removal of teeth or correction of the frenulum of the tongue will go unnoticed for children.

In addition to the anesthesia machine, our clinic is equipped with other equipment necessary for the provision of anesthesia and resuscitation: heart monitors, high-pressure oxygen concentrator, modern defibrillator, etc.

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