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State-of-the-art sterilization

Our transparent sterilization room is a solution we are proud of. It is located in the very center of the clinic and is equipped with the equipment of the German company MELAG, which has been working only with sterilization equipment for over 60 years and provides reliable protection for our patients.

Unlike most medical institutions, in our clinic everyone can see what is happening in the sterilization. It is always in perfect condition, because there is no possibility to compromise and leave the room untidy, to postpone something for later. Everything is in sight, and therefore - no exceptions.

For the safety of patients, all reusable medical devices must undergo three consecutive disinfection processes: disinfection, pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization. For example, turbines and other hand pieces first fall into a special device - QUATTROcare PLUS, where they are lubricated under pressure with oil and disinfectant solution. This cleaning precedes sterilization in an autoclave.

All other dental instruments, except the handpieces, are pre-sterilized in a medical disinfector MELAtherm 10, which meets the European standard EN 15883. It should be noted that in our country only 3-5% of medical institutions have thermal disinfectors, the rest of the instruments are washed by hand.

After pre-sterilization treatment, we sterilize instruments and medical devices in autoclaves for various purposes - Vacuklav 43 B +, Vacuklav 44 B + or MELAquick 12+. The "B +" mark on autoclaves, by the way, means the highest level of sterilization.

We process handpieces and hollow tools in a special autoclave MELAquick 12+, in which under a pressure of 2.1 bar and at a temperature of 134 ° C steam penetrates into all recesses and cracks, getting inside any hollow tool.

All other tools are packed in heat-sealing bags, impervious to bacteria, and sterilized in autoclaves Vacuklav 43 B +, Vacuklav 44 B +. The sterility of instruments cleaned in this way is maintained for up to 6 months. This is a complete sterilization cycle and 100% confidence in the disinfection of instruments and handpieces.

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