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Medical support (sedation)

Sedation is a harmless and safe alternative to general anesthesia, which is performed by a staff team of anesthesiologists of the clinic using modern anesthesia equipment and modern drugs for deep sleep with a short half-life.

We use a smart anesthesia-breathing apparatus Prima 320 made by Penlon Limited (UK), which "understands" who is in front of it - a child or an adult; an oxygen concentrator that delivers 96% oxygen to the airways; patient life monitor, which measures blood pressure, heart rate, saturation, ECG, capnography, etc.

All this allows you to get rid of unpleasant sensations and memories during not only surgery but also therapeutic treatment. The patient can leave the clinic after sedation after a short period of time.

Price: For one hour
adult - 7,000 UAH
children's - 7,500 UAH

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