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Yaroslav Ostrovsky

dentist-orthopedic doctor

Yaroslav is the leading orthopedist of our clinic. He possesses modern methods of treating diseases of the temporomandibular joint, establishes their relationship with other systems and organs, and constantly introduces new approaches to treatment. In his practice, Yaroslav adheres to a complex approach to treatment, where attention is paid not only to the teeth, but also to the posture, muscles and other functionally important parts of the body.

In his work, Yaroslav uses a condylograph as one of the stages of complex diagnostics, which allows to carry out prosthetics of teeth of any complexity in analog and digital protocol. All of his works are as mathematically calculated as possible, flawlessly calibrated, which ensures an even load on the jaw and joint after prosthetics (treatment).

"Perfectionism and an innate sense of aesthetics" is Yaroslav's credo.

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