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Anna Tsyganska

dentist-therapist, orthopedic dentist

As Anna herself says, the choice of her profession was determined by her parents. She grew up in a family of doctors, so she was never afraid of people in white coats. At home, there were often stories about interesting situations at work and communication with patients, which shaped her medical character.

Anna is demanding of herself and her surroundings, punctual and meticulous, her priority is the quality of the work performed. She is always ready to help, not limited by frames and templates. Her skills and clinical experience in dentistry allow her to feel confident in her work, but this does not stop her from the desire to constantly learn something new.

Anna deals with direct and indirect restoration of teeth, as well as dental prosthetics on implants. Using motivational models, he always agrees with the patient the final result of the color and shape of the future teeth, even before the treatment.

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