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We use advanced technologies at all stages of diagnostics and treatment

Leica microscope

Due to its characteristics, thoughtful design and simple operation, Leica M320 microscope becomes an integral part of the equipment of the advanced dental clinics.

Original Straumann accessories

Only original components of the Swiss company Straumann are used for implant prosthetics in our clinic. The company has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing of dental implants.

Gendex СВ-500 tomograph

Thanks to the Gendex tomograph, we can get all the diagnostic information about the elements of your dentition and identify the diseases at their initial stage. Digital technology of the tomograph minimizes the radiation exposure, without losing the quality of the image. So it can be safely used even for the smallest patients.

KaVo dental handpieces

The KaVo handpieces provide comfort for the doctor, low noise, and reduce pain for patients. Special sprayers ensure proper cooling and protect the tooth from overheating.

Gutta Easy sealing. Endo@apex

The technology of three-dimensional filling of root canals by Gutta Easy device eliminates the formation of voids, cavities and minimizes the likelihood of recurrence of the disease.

Prox and VistaScan Mini X-ray apparatus

In order to get the X-ray images, we use a combination of innovative Prox and VistaScan Mini apparatuses. They provide an opportunity to get dental images of the patient right in the dental chair. You do not have to go out to a separate room. It provides the necessary convenience and saves your time.

Mectron Piezosurgery piezo surgery

We use the Mectron Piezosurgery system to conduct surgical operations in our clinic. The system includes a piezoelectric knife for the bone and hard tissues of the teeth. We use it to conduct bloodless surgical manipulations with maximum accuracy and minimal injury.

GENTLEray laser

We use the KaVo GENTLEray laser system to perform important surgical procedures. Thanks to this system, our patients have no bleeding and there is no need to stitch after the surgery. Besides, the recovery process is much accelerated when the treatment is done with a laser.

Hu-Friedy periodontal instruments

Hu-Friedy instruments correspond to the latest engineering, dentistry, ergonomics developments. A quality and reliable instrument is one of the bases for achieving the predicted result.

Melag autoclave

Melag autoclaves provide reliable protection of our patients, since this company has been engaged only in sterilization equipment for more than 60 years. Our dental instruments are sterilized and stored in special heat-sealable bags that are non-penetrating for bacteria. The instruments remain sterile for up to 6 months.

Restoration materials and instruments

Photopolymer materials Tokuyama, LM-Arte instruments and OptiBond FL adhesive system are the choice of dentists around the world.