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Team of doctors working at Zaharenko Dental Clinic

Evgenii Zaharenko

Head of the clinic, surgeon

Specializes in implant dentistry, bone grafting, surgical dentistry, and restoration on implants.

Olga Zaharenko


Finds the optimal solution in each clinical case and achieves the desired result. More than 5 thousand children grew up with Olga's care and now have beautiful and even rows of teeth.

Viacheslav Bessonov


Specializes in aesthetic restoration of teeth using metal-free constructions. He uses a surgical microscope and a digital smile design to achieve the predicted result.

Kirill Garazha


Certified dental technician. Specializes in aesthetic restoration, direct restorations and treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder.

Tatiana Vikovich-Vdovenko


Specializes in the treatment of periodontal and oral mucosa diseases. Always performs the diagnostics and treatment of patients comprehensively and carefully.

Anna Tsyganskaia


Specializes in direct restorations, endodontics, and aesthetic restoration.

Anastasia Garazha


Specializes in the treatment of caries and its complications in the youngest patients. Easily helps adult patients to solve their dental and periodontal problems.