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Tatiana Vikovych-Vdovenko

dentist, periodontist

Tatiana qualifies for the preservation and restoration of lost gum health, using knowledge and skills based on the latest results of world scientific research. In her work, Tatiana uses all possible approaches in conservative and surgical treatment.

According to statistics, 85% of people have various manifestations of gum disease, and most of them learn about it in the later stages of the disease. Tatiana knows: in order to choose an effective and correct treatment tactics, it is important to conduct a thorough diagnostic stage, understand the cause and degree of tissue loss around the tooth, identify existing diseases that may affect the course and treatment of periodontal disease, and eliminate all risks of recurrence in future.

Tatiana also conducts specialized courses and lectures and is happy to share her knowledge, which she has gained through many years of experience. Tatiana hopes that very soon there will be more patients with healthy gums, and this will only bring joy to a true periodontist.

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