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Svetlana Karpilovska

Anesthesiologist, pediatric anesthesiologist

Svetlana got acquainted with anesthesiology when she was still a young girl. She graduated from medical school of the nursing profession with honors and received her first unforgettable experience in the intensive care unit of a clinical hospital. At the same time she realized that she wanted to understand more, to be able to do more. There were many questions, the answers to which could be found only by continuing her studies, so Svitlana entered the National Medical University and qualified as a doctor. She had no doubts about choosing a specialization - of course, anesthesiology! - and she did not regret it for a minute, because, in her opinion, this is the most humane medical case.

The anesthesiologist monitors the vital functions of the patient's body as the mother takes care of her child. Who but an anesthesiologist will reassure a patient who is preparing for surgery, promises a carefree, painless sleep, and keeps his word?

Svetlana works with both adult and very young patients. After treatment of teeth in a dream, children are no longer afraid of dentists and come to them as friends.

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