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Vladyslav Lyakh


Young doctors who work and study with us are the future of our clinic. By developing young specialists and investing time and energy in them, we, above all, ensure the maintenance of the dental health of our patients for more than one generation. Since childhood, Vlad imagined himself to be a doctor, admiring the joy that his grandmother, a doctor, brought to patients.

Vladyslav is a representative of progressive medical youth who absorbs and immediately uses new technologies and trends in practice. He started working in the clinic when he was still a student, and now Vladyslav masterfully conducts caries treatment of various complexity, root canal treatment, professional hygiene and periodontal treatment.

Vladyslav's right hand is his camera, thanks to which he helps the patient visually see problems and predict the future outcome of treatment. After all, the well-known saying: "It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times" is about Vladyslav's work style.

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