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Evgenia Lavreniuk

pediatric dentist

Evgenia always knew that she would only choose the profession of a doctor. Therefore, after graduating from the National Medical University in 2016, she chose to specialize in pediatrics.

She meets small patients with a smile and a good mood, because she believes that trusting relationships are the basis of children's treatment.

The main principle of Yevgenia's work: prevention is the best treatment for children of any age. Therefore, in her practice, she often uses manipulations that prevent the development of caries and strengthen tooth enamel. In order for the treatment to be of the highest quality in her work, she uses a microscope and sleep treatment, which is effective for small patients.

The health of the teeth is directly related to the general condition of the child's body.

Therefore, the doctor also provides recommendations on nutrition and intake of necessary trace elements and vitamins.

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